Coming to America: Cristian Cangelosi interview

Chris Glover
06/05/2019 9:22pm

Cristian Cangelosi has travelled to America in search of boxing stardom - and has already won a top amateur honour. Chris Glover speaks to the Sicilian standout, and also gets Paulie Malignaggi's take on the rising talent...

America has always been the land of opportunity. Ellis Island was the epicentre of immigration in the US from 1893 all the way to the mid-1950s, as people from all over the world arrived in the United States harbouring hopes and dreams of a better life.

The path to America is also well trodden by boxers from all over the world; even to this day, many young pugilsts descend on the United States in an attempt to make a career out of the sport they love.

One of these is Sicilian Cristian Cangelosi, who is flying high in the amateur ranks as he looks to build a career for himself inside the squared circle, stateside.

Cangelosi was one of Italy’s top amateurs; however, issues out of his control prohibited him from being part of Italy’s national amateur set-up. This led the 152lb-er to relocate to New York and he has enjoyed immediate success winning his Ring Masters Final (formerly known as the Golden Gloves) at Madison Square Garden.

Talking to Boxing Monthly ahead of his Ring Masters triumph Cangelosi opened up about life in the USA and discussed his performance in semi-finals: “I want to thank everybody who has made this amazing journey so far a reality for me. I am blessed to be given the opportunities I have been given and I am always working hard and make those who have had faith in me, proud.

“I thought I boxed well in the semi-final but I know there is more to come from me and people still have not seen the best of me. It is the dream of every boxer to fight at Madison Square Garden so this [tournament] is a dream come true for me.”

Cangelosi continued, “I miss home that is natural, but I have to keep working so I can create a career for myself in the sport I love. I want to make my family back in Italy proud of me and the people who support me in America proud of me too.”

Cangelosi has a well-known supporter in former two-weight world title holder Paulie Malignaggi who does his best to be in attendance when his fellow Sicilian fights.

Malignaggi gave his take on his fellow Sicilian standout.

The Magic Man said, “Cristian Cangelosi has a lot of talent, he really is going to be a future star. I do my best to support him as much as I can as I do with all the amateurs in Brooklyn. Boxing is a tough sport and if I can show my support to the grassroots of the sport I always will.

“I think Cangelosi will win titles in both the amateurs and the pros. He’s entertaining to watch and is really going to be a big star in the future. I hope everyone enjoys the journey with him as it is going to be a fun one.”