Brewer eyes victory, Cook and recognition

Shawn Smith
10/12/2015 10:57am

At 31, maybe it’s unfair to call New Brunswick’s Brandon Brewer a prospect. After all, many people have won world championships and international acclaim by that age.

But consider this: Brewer didn’t pick up a pair of boxing gloves until he was 24 and already has a professional boxing record of 16-0-1 (8 KOs). 

A few more wins and we’ll go from calling Brewer a prospect to a world title contender anyways.

This Friday (11 December), Brewer returns to the ring for Lee Baxter Promotions at the Mattamy Events Centre in Toronto as he co-headlines the bill along with Toronto’s Samuel Vargas. Brewer will take on the durable Junmar Emon (6-2, 2 KOs).

Throughout his career, Emon has become a measuring stick of sorts for some of Canada’s top super-welterweights, pushing Brandon Cook (Canada’s top ranked 154lbs fighter) and Kevin Higson (another Canadian prospect) to the limit in previous bouts.

For Brewer, currently ranked Canada’s eighth best super-welterweight by Canadian Boxiana, it’s an opportunity to show he’s as good or better than others who have faced Emon.

“You watch both those fights [Emon against Cook and Higson] and they could have been scored either way,” Brewer told Boxing Monthly. “Junmar had Cook rocked and Higson all cut up and bleeding. I do want people to compare myself with Cook and Higson, but I also want people to know that they are not at my level.”

The confident Brewer believes that the judges were “pretty biased in Higson’s favour, but it was a close fight,” when Higson took on Emon.

He is adamant that he could not only compete with Cook, but finish him inside the distance if the two were to ever meet. Unfortunately, for Canadian fight fans, Brewer doesn’t believe that fight is likely to happen.

“People think that Cook is the top dog, but honestly I think I could stop him,” Brewer told BM. “I'd love to steal his fan base and show everyone the level that I'm at. I honestly think that Tyler Buxton [Cook’s promoter] knows that Cook is kind of limited.” 

Gaining respect in the Canadian fight scene hasn’t come easy for Brewer, who has gone relatively unrecognized in fight circles. While Quebec has high-powered promoters like GYM and Eye of the Tiger, and Ontario fighters are gaining publicity through United Promotions and others, East Coast fighters such us Brewer and Tyson Cave continue to struggle for notoriety amongst Canadian fight fans. Consider the fact that Custio Clayton, a 5-0 (4 KOs) prospect under the GYM promotional banner, is currently ranked ahead of Brewer, who has fought 12 times more.

The lack of acknowledgement works in Brewer’s favour inside the ropes, as he believes opponents continues to underestimate him, but it does little to help his popularity.

“The good part is that people underestimate me a lot, with me only having nine amateur fights, they don’t recognize me from amateur nationals like some,” said Brewer. “But I don't get the opportunities from the bigger promoters and sponsors outside of the ring because I'm unknown.”

A win over Emon will be another step in the right direction for Brewer, who will continue to chase down the big fights, both nationally and internationally, until he finds a contender willing to bite. 

If he can successfully defeat Emon on Friday, Brewer has his focus on Cook, Higson or Quebec’s Sebastien Bouchard. If none of those fights are available, he says he’d like a ranked international opponent who can continue to raise his stock on the world stage. 

“I'm ready there now [for a world class opponent],” said Brewer. “I'd like to wear a North American title. I'd like my next fight to be against a guy in the top 15.”

But first up is Emon, who will look to push the New Brunswick native like he has so many others. After Friday night, we’ll have a good idea of just how good Brewer is. 

Photo: Mark Ruddick Photography.