Boxing Monthly team tips Mayweather-Pacquiao

Boxing Monthly
02/05/2015 12:45am

After Floyd Mayweather scales 146lbs and Manny Pacquiao weighs in at 145lbs in front of 11,500 feverish fans – the Boxing Monthly team predicts who they believe will prevail on Saturday night at the MGM Grand. Follow @BoxingMonthlyEd for live updates through fight night. Mayweather or Pacquiao - who have you got?

Pacquiao on a very close decision. I'm taking his hand speed, foot speed and punch volume to trump Mayweather's artistry, precision and size advantage.” - Graham Houston, Editor.

“Mayweather may be a better counter puncher than Juan Manuel Marquez but is he willing to walk through the fire Marquez did in order to land his shots? Will Pacquiao be clever enough to create openings should he be unable to fight in violent bursts for the full twelve? I pick Mayweather to get to an increasingly tired and desperate Pacquiao in the fight’s final quarter. If the opportunity is there, his ego won't be able to resist pushing for a knockout in such a big fight. Mayweather TKO 10.” - John Evans.

“Pacquiao will start fast with his blazing combinations and varied rhythm causing Floyd early problems. By the mid rounds, however, Mayweather will begin to time the Pacquiao onslaughts with his shotgun right but will need to fight fire with fire at some point. I'm hoping for a terrific last half of the fight that sees both men having success but ultimately Mayweather will prevail on points or by late stoppage if he senses Manny is there for the taking.” - Danny Winterbottom.

“I think this will be a close, edgy affair; difficult to score and potentially difficult to watch. With Alex Ariza in tow, there’s always the possibility Mayweather discovers a knockout punch, but I’m gambling on Ariza's involvement being little more than Floyd playing games. Pacquiao’s underdog status, greater willingness to commit and more kinetic style can help sway the judging panel his way. Pacquiao SD 12.” - Andrew Harrison.

“I think Pacquiao will look the busier and fiercely aggressive throughout, which the Vegas judges will love. But can his awkward angles be enough to close the gap he gives away in reach, and will he connect hurtfully enough to disrupt Mayweather's intelligent counterpunching rhythm? Doubtful. I like Mayweather to dictate the pace of the fight from the mid-rounds onwards. Mayweather UD.”  - Jessi Jackalope.

“Mayweather's legs and Pacquiao's volume punching are my main interest. Wondering if Floyd's more muscular physique impacts his performance. Manny weighed in at 147 for Marquez IV, and looks likes he'll come in a few pounds lighter for this one, which should benefit him. From 55,000 CompuBox fights, the fighter who throws and lands more, wins 90% of the time. Knockdowns for both fighters possible, and expecting surprises along the way to the judges. Pacquiao SD. “- Martin Chesnutt, TKO Radio.

“Nobody likes a sore loser - and there will be one tomorrow if the boxing gods are awake and in the right frame of mind. There's some cliche or other about toppling someone from a high throne but I've forgotten it, so let's just say the emphasis in my house is on a Pacquiao victory by first round KO. Karma is a bummer, eh? Mayweather v Pacquiao is going to be tight - tight enough for the draw odds to be slashed and for hints of "fix" to be heard across the plains of the more insane (or well-informed?) parts of the boxing world. But no-one is crazy enough to rig this fight for a cosy rematch, surely...? Mayweather will give his usual consummate defensive lesson, and we'll all marvel at his talent, but hints in the last Maidana fight showed he's slowing down - especially in his legs. Pacquiao will press him from the start and try to do what others couldn't - put Floyd in an unhappy reflexive place that he's lost the keys to. Heart says Pacquiao by late round TKO, head says Mayweather SD.” - Ben Thomsett.

"Pacquiao's angles, pressure and southpaw stance will cause Mayweather problems, particularly in the early rounds. However, Mayweather will solve the problem, establish his rhythm and start to time the Filipino's raids catching him with accurate counters. While Floyd isn't as mobile as he once was, time has taken a greater toll on Pacquiao and with a style that owes much to his physical attributes, this may be the deciding factor. Mayweather UD.” - John A. McDonald.

“I think this is where Mayweather shows his true class. Mayweather didn't look stellar against Maidana, but I believe that he means it when he says he never wanted to ‘win a fight so bad’. Pacquiao will start fast and look to overwhelm Mayweather but after four rounds he'll slow and Mayweather will pick him off with right leads and left hooks to win a comfortable but competitive decision.” - Callum Rudge.

“I'm going against the grain in saying Mayweather will start fast and won't ‘take time to figure Pacquaio out’ while taking the first couple of stanzas.  I think Pac will fight back and take some middle rounds before Mayweather takes it in the championship rounds. Despite there being no knockdowns, this will (in all likelihood) be the closest and most competitive fight of his career, but Mayweather still takes a UD 116-112.” - Colin Harris.

Mayweather wins 9 to 3 in rounds by UD. There is a potential for Pacman to get knocked down in the later rounds, after Mayweather has been running for several rounds and the fight not going anywhere.” - Tiffany Lam.

“The first four rounds will be split, then Floyd makes adjustments in the middle rounds (Kenny Bayless helps) and coasts down the stretch.  Mayweather wins 9 rounds to 3 (slight chance of a TKO late) but at least one judge will turn in an abysmal card, making it a majority decision win for the American.” - Michael Montero.

“Mayweather by decision is my pick. I don't care for either man's personality, so look at it from a purely objective viewpoint. Floyd's the better boxer. People talk about the few bad moments he's had with southpaws while overlooking all the rounds in which he's excelled against them. His accuracy should see him through, if the judges do their job properly, and I always go for the guy who makes fewer mistakes—Manny makes more in a round than Floyd does over the course of an entire fight. I also wouldn't rule out a late, body shot stoppage win for Mayweather.” - Terry Dooley.

“I agree with Freddie Roach that Floyd's legs have slowed. The roughhouse Maidana wouldn't have hit Mayweather with a bag of sand two years ago. But the Argentine's relative success perhaps suggests a key to victory. A more unorthodox approach. Floyd is masterful at slipping textbook punches. Maybe Pacquiao needs to look at hitting arms, elbows, anything that supports the perception of him being the 'busy fighter'. I think Pacquiao can nick a split decision, but we're used to eccentric scorecards in Vegas.” - Mark Butcher, Online Editor, Boxing Monthly.