Boxing Monthly hits the web

Colin Harris
27/04/2015 3:10am

A new dawn breaks in April 2015.  As the world around us changes and evolves, as the planet spins and the clocks tick, we find the Boxing Monthly website having a renovation makeover of which even Kevin McCloud might be proud. During a very emotional period in BM history, and like almost every funeral, Glyn Leach’s shocking departure brought old faces together, all united in grief to pay their respects. 

I found myself standing in the gardens of the cemetery that day in a moment of quiet reflection while seeing various figures from the fight game mingling – none truly knowing what to say about the days’ events but genuinely p[leased to meet-up again with people they may not have seen in years (my own special mentions go to Ed Robinson, Steve Bunce and Colin McMillan – I hope it will not be so many years until I see each of you again).

But it was from one initial double-take across the crowd and seeing my old chum Mark Butcher (former Boxing News and Sky Sports and current BM contributor), that a new journey began: we started a conversation which evolved, eventually, into a “BM table” in an East London pub where we had the pleasure of being joined by former BM Editors George Zeleny and Ian Probert and long-time BM-contributor Mick Gill. 

Although brought together through sadness the day bore fruit to new ventures and relationships, working partnerships and ideas – and indeed was a catalyst to the very fact that this website has been rebranded under Mr. Butcher’s leadership.  That is why this website will always, to me, be like Glyn’s Phoenix rising from the ashes. We miss you, dear friend.

However, as the website returns to the online fistic community my trip down memory lane went back to the late 90s version and the lovely little community which enjoyed talking boxing long before the mass-appeal of such brilliant sites as (Glyn even poked his head in there every now and again, and on special occasions would leave a comment).

As this new website gains momentum I ask anyone connected to the old website to say hello. We enjoyed daily chats, used to meet up for an occasional drink to discuss the noble art, had meet-ups at the infamous York Hall and had more than one session piling round someone’s house to watch fights en-mass in the early hours of the morning (Lewis-Tua and Trinidad-Vargas being the two I remember with fondest memories, and much laughter). Nonya, Maivia, Vandy, Dollars, Nick, Conky, Lionel, Loynesy, CaptainHook, Mwilliams, Jammer, Rob, Ant Evans, M.C, Jules, Gaz, Goz, Terry, Dodgey, Khany, Bret, Focus, Galveston Jack, Matt K and anyone else I have forgotten ...... I hope you are all well and that you all resurface in due course. 

And lastly to the cornerstone of all contributors to the old website: I was gutted to hear of the passing of Robert “BC Bob” Witt, a man whom I never met in person but spent long hours chatting to via messenger, skype, e-mail and phone - and whose son I met when he visited London. Bob was synonymous with his “On This Day” where he recounted boxing history from previous years, which he then took to the website when the message board was closed down. May he too, rest in peace (and I hope he has finally got to chat about boxing with Glyn).

I truly hope this new venture sees a continuation of such good memories, friendships, enjoyment and continued appreciation of the best sport on earth – with a new online community for many years to come, eventually invoking smile-inducing memories for someone else, like I found upon the rebirth of this site.  Here’s to Glyn – and here’s to the return of Boxing Monthly on the web.

Col “T.M.K” Harris