The Boxing Booth Uncut: Part I

Terry Dooley
16/05/2015 11:46am

Every so often, we enter a clearing - the moment when we break through the undergrowth of daily choices and are faced with the realisation that we have the time and space to make a life decision that will take us in a new direction. These clearings can be purposefully crafted or forced upon us by destiny. Adam Booth found himself in this position after breaking his leg during a game of football in 1991, just as he was about to turn professional under Mickey Duff following an amateur career that saw him win 30 out of 36 amateur fights. Sadly, the break robbed him of that dream. Instead, it set him on a path as a trainer of champions.

Raza Hamza: 'The Promise'

John A. McDonald
14/05/2015 5:08pm

Every man who laces up the gloves and steps in to a boxing ring has a reason for doing so. For some, the sport is seen as the route to a better life, an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families through the only thing they’ve ever known - fighting. For others, the boxing gym is a sanctuary from a life rapidly spiralling in to an abyss and provides an outlet for controlled aggression, instilling self-discipline in the process. For Raza Hamza, 1-0 (1 KO), his motivation is – simultaneously - more simplistic and heartfelt. He fights to fulfil a promise to his late mother. Having witnessed the rise of Amir Khan on terrestrial television she encouraged her son try his hand at the sweet science.



The Belfast Mexican Jamie Conlan

John Evans
13/05/2015 10:36am

Jamie ‘The Mexican’ Conlan may have been born and bred in Belfast but the Northern Irishman’s swarthy looks and willingness to fight fire with fire ensure that his unusual moniker is an apt one. The 28-year-old Erik Morales fanatic has traded Pottinger for Puerto Banus and joined the team at MGM Marbella and the super-flyweight division – already choc full of exciting yet criminally underexposed fighters – has yet another tough hombre eager to join their ranks. 

Canelo vs Kirkland: Post-fight wrap

Terry Dooley
10/05/2015 3:24pm

A week after a bout between two fighters who haven’t scored a KO in a combined total of 14 fights (and featuring the world’s best defensive boxer) left boxing fans dazed and bewildered, Saul Alvarez produced a big knockout win over James Kirkland and served up the kind of big fight action that we all want but rarely get to see. Granted, Kirkland was the architect of his own downfall once again due to his Kamikaze, 'death by cop' approach from the opening bell, but it takes two to tango and 'Canelo' opted to fight fire with fire, rather than engaging in evasive measures, before drawing a line under the contest with a pair of knockdowns in the third round—one from a right uppercut, the other a fight-ending straight right hand that prompted referee Jon Schorle to wave it off at 2:19 without bothering to count.