TKO Radio meets Alex Daley, author of 'Fighting Men Of London'

TKO Radio
14/05/2015 5:07pm

TKO Radio talks to Alex Daley, grandson of boxing legend 'Nipper' Pat Daly. His second book about the sport 'Fighting Men of London: Voices From Inside The Ropes' features interviews with seven boxers who mainly fought in the 1940s and 1950s. They have all led colourful lives with great stories to tell about their time inside the ropes 

Willie Monroe Jr Media Workout Interview

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14/05/2015 10:19am

Middleweight title challenger Willie Monroe Jr talks to the press following his media workout and ahead of his daunting clash against Kazakhstan KO artist Gennady Golovkin in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Willie Monroe Jr Media Workout

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14/05/2015 10:11am

Willie Monroe Jr media workout ahead of his WBA Super and WBC interim middleweight title clash with heavy-handed champion Gennady Golovkin at the Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles, on Saturday. 


The Belfast Mexican Jamie Conlan

John Evans
13/05/2015 10:36am

Jamie ‘The Mexican’ Conlan may have been born and bred in Belfast but the Northern Irishman’s swarthy looks and willingness to fight fire with fire ensure that his unusual moniker is an apt one. The 28-year-old Erik Morales fanatic has traded Pottinger for Puerto Banus and joined the team at MGM Marbella and the super-flyweight division – already choc full of exciting yet criminally underexposed fighters – has yet another tough hombre eager to join their ranks. 

Canelo vs Kirkland: Post-fight wrap

Terry Dooley
10/05/2015 3:24pm

A week after a bout between two fighters who haven’t scored a KO in a combined total of 14 fights (and featuring the world’s best defensive boxer) left boxing fans dazed and bewildered, Saul Alvarez produced a big knockout win over James Kirkland and served up the kind of big fight action that we all want but rarely get to see. Granted, Kirkland was the architect of his own downfall once again due to his Kamikaze, 'death by cop' approach from the opening bell, but it takes two to tango and 'Canelo' opted to fight fire with fire, rather than engaging in evasive measures, before drawing a line under the contest with a pair of knockdowns in the third round—one from a right uppercut, the other a fight-ending straight right hand that prompted referee Jon Schorle to wave it off at 2:19 without bothering to count.

Inside Mayweather-Pacquiao: Epilogue

10/05/2015 3:19pm

The final episode of the four-part documentary series chronicling the life of perennial pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather following his 12-round unanimous decision victory over Manny Pacquiao in the 'Fight For Eternity'.


Floyd: "I'd beat Pacquiao 100/100 times"

10/05/2015 10:14am

Pound-For-Pound No.1 Floyd Mayweather sits down with Jim Gray for an in-depth interview about Manny Pacquiao's injury, the possibility of a lucrative rematch and fighting beyond September 2015.

Don King and I

Mark Butcher
10/05/2015 1:59am

In this archive feature from 10 years ago, Don King Productions press guru Alan Hopper reveals the truth behind the infamous Bernard Hopkins inspired riot in Puerto Rico, the incomparable Ricardo Mayorga's first post-fight smoke and the secret of the shock-haired promoter's vertical hair. “A little known fact is that we were later in a subterranean dressing room that had very high windows and I suddenly saw a window crack and there was a hole in it. It was a gunshot from outside that came through the building and went right over the top of my and Don King’s head. Tito’s people ran out there and told them, ‘Hey, Tito's down there, Don’s down there. Don’t be doing that!’ They later told me that there were bad guys up there thinking about spraying that dressing room with bullets looking for Bernard.”

Gloriously Bored - on 'I Am Ali'

Oliver Goldstein
09/05/2015 12:55am

Claire Lewins’s 'I Am Ali', released to US cinemas and on-demand platforms last year, fails to deviate from a set path, mixing old ‘audio journals’ with recent interviews to provide the latest version of the Ali myth. The result is a strange thing, in which Ali’s past (always more interesting than allowed to be) haunts the kindly ghost Lewins’s film wants to create. In the process, her interviewees often try to re-accommodate a complex history in a simple present. At one point, Gene Kilroy, a former member of Ali’s inside circle, considers possible other paths had Ali not boxed. "He might have been a great lawyer," says Kilroy. "Could you imagine him with a Harvard degree out of law school, going before a jury? Wow! Case dismissed." But the reflex that prompts Kilroy to draw an alternative history remains deeply suspect: implicitly, Kilroy’s re-imagined path sees Ali becoming part of a white establishment without any of the difficulty or complexity of his Louisville youth and subsequent career. What psychic structures demand Ali be 'rehabilitated' like this? 

Carl Thompson: A conversation with 'The Cat'

Danny Winterbottom
08/05/2015 11:44am

After the Moss Side Riots of 1981, a man called Phil Martin decided to open up a boxing gym above a burnt out Co-op on Princess Road and he called it ‘Champs Camp’. Carl ‘The Cat’ Thompson arrived at the gym in the late 1980s after a successful career in Muay Thai that saw him rise to world champion status under the guidance of the legendary Master Sken. So horrifically battered and twisted were his legs following years of crippling Muay Thai kicks that Thompson decided a career in boxing would be beneficial for his long-term health!