What Wilder learned from Klitschko

Kelsey McCarson
30/07/2015 9:24am

If there is any one fighter WBC title-holder Deontay Wilder should emulate, it is lineal heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Reigning IBF, WBA Super and WBO champion Klitschko has used a similar skill set to keep a firm stranglehold on the division for over a decade now. Wilder’s manager, Jay Deas, did everything he could during Wilder’s early development as a professional to get him badly needed experience. Wilder told Boxing Monthly one of the most important happenings during that crucial time period was being shipped over to be a sparring partner in advance of Klitschko’s unanimous-decision victory over Mariusz Wach in 2012. “When I went into his camp, I came in with an open mind. I was like ‘how has this guy dominated the sport for ten years?’ You know? And I got my answers. He’s a super hard worker. That’s why I gravitated to him like I did, and I admire his work, even more after seeing it up close and in person.”

TKO Radio: Dempsey and The Wild Bull

TKO Radio
29/07/2015 10:31am

“In September 1923, 85,000 packed into New York’s Polo Grounds to see all three minutes and fifty-seven seconds of it. Nobody asked for their money back.” Nothing steals the spotlight more than an action-packed heavyweight clash and for this podcast we wanted to bring you just that. John Jarrett joins TKO Radio to talk about his new book, 'Dempsey and The Wild Bull: The Four Minute Fight of the Century'. Fans and journalists regard it as one of the most sensational world heavyweight championship fights ever - champion Jack Dempsey and his hammer-fisted Argentine challenger Luis Angel Firpo left it all in the ring, except when Dempsey was knocked through the ropes and into the front row!

Amir Khan on charity, success, Mayweather

Terry Dooley
28/07/2015 10:15am

Amir Khan was fasting for Ramadan when Boxing Monthly popped over to his Gloves Community Centre gym, which is situated on the outskirts of Bolton town centre. The 28-year-old Boltonian told BM that the rigours of his annual fast helps to focus his mind on the plight of those less fortunate than him. This concern for others led to the creation of The Amir Khan Foundation, which provides funding for various charity projects. “I want to build orphanages around the world, create wells for clean water and do whatever I can do to help,” stated Khan. “I’ve been to places like Gambia and places in Pakistan where there’s poverty, so that’s why I do that and pay my Zakat [Islam's Charity Tax]. Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam - we have to give to the poor. I go to those places myself to see what the Foundation is achieving."

Diamonds in the Dirt: The Rise of Black Flash Promotions

John Evans
27/07/2015 10:05am

Hungover teens resisted the call of Rustler microwave burgers and cans of coke for a few extra minutes to stand and watch the boxing workout in Tesco. Retired Saturday night hardmen - who built their reputations in long gone pubs like The Nowster but are now resigned to picking up bits for the Sunday roast - stopped to turn back time and clumsily shadow box with their kids. Pensioners momentarily stopped complaining about the foyer being too busy to catch a glimpse of Michael Gomez Jnr skipping. Hundreds of people passed by and every single one of them will have left the supermarket with the name Black Flash Promotions tucked away with their groceries.

The junior and super divisions are a waste!

Michael Montero & Tiffany Lam
26/07/2015 7:55pm

Michael Montero discusses the history behind boxing’s divisions, starting with the five original weight classes in the 1800s all the way to the 17 divisions in our current system. The 'junior' and 'super' divisions not only add more paper titles, but they weaken the talent pool in the classic eight weight classes (heavyweight, light-heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, lightweight, featherweight, bantamweight, flyweight).

Canadian promoters join forces

Shawn Smith
25/07/2015 9:21am

The dim Canadian fight scene just got a little bit brighter with the announcement that Ontario’s United Promotions and Quebec’s Eye of the Tiger Management will be working together to co-promote shows in the two provinces. The first fight of the deal will take place on 29 August when Eye of the Tiger product Mian Hussain fights on the undercard of a United Promotions show in Ontario. “It’s something that we’ve been discussing over the last year or two, just about developing fighters and getting the French fighters introduced to the Toronto market and getting the English-speaking fighters introduced to the French market,” said Tyler Buxton, promoter for United Promotions.

Blackwell shines with Lockett

John Evans
21/07/2015 6:01am


It is one of boxing’s hardy cliches. The talented boxer not giving himself the best opportunity to fulfil his potential due to a kamikaze attitude outside the ring. British middleweight champion Nick Blackwell doesn’t pile on the pounds between fights. He doesn’t go AWOL from the gym for weeks on end or fight in a reckless fashion but he was in serious danger of committing career harakiri through his sheer determination to test himself.

Bill Richmond memorial unveiling at Tom Cribb pub

Boxing Monthly
20/07/2015 11:06pm

A permanent memorial to pioneering black boxer Bill Richmond (1763-1829) will be unveiled by Earl George Percy at the Tom Cribb pub in Panton Street, London on Wednesday 26 August at 2pm. A portrait of Richmond and a plaque summarising his amazing life and career will adorn the wall of the historic pub owned by Shepherd Neame brewery in recognition of Richmond’s position in history as the first black sportsman to achieve international fame and significance.

Post-fight fall-out from ‘Victory At The Venetian’

Mark Butcher
19/07/2015 1:50pm

Post-fight reaction from the Victory At The Venetian card at the Cotai Arena, Macao, with the thoughts of newly-crowned IBF super-lightweight champion Cesar Cuenca, promoter Bob Arum (on the officiating and Manny Pacquiao), Ik Yang’s trainer Justin Fortune and the IBF’s No.1 135lbs contender Denis Shafikov.

Slick Cuenca schools Yang

Mark Butcher
18/07/2015 7:56pm

The movement and ring smarts of Cesar Cuenca were too much for the hopeful potshots of Ik Yang as the 5-1 underdog from Argentina upset the odds to win the vacant IBF super-lightweight champion at the Cotai Arena. Slick southpaw Cuenca triumphed 117-110, 115-110 and 116-109 on the official scorecards. Boxing Monthly scored 116-110 from ringside. The Argentine was just too savvy and experienced for the uncomplicated Yang whose bull-like rushes rarely made an impact and he was always playing catch-up on the scorecards. “The key thing was my experience,” said Cuenca afterwards. “I worked hard in camp and sacrificed a lot. He hurt me a bit and had some good punches, but I was just a little smarter than him.”

Tso seeks power show

Mark Butcher
18/07/2015 10:55am

World-rated super-flyweight Rex Tso is seeking to unleash new found force after adding a strength and conditioning coach to his arsenal. The crowd-pleasing Tso, who could turn a pillow fight into a war, is rarely in a dull match though a lack of concussive, one punch power could previously have been viewed as a weakness. That may be about to change. “Now I feel more stable and feel the power,” Tso told Boxing Monthly. “Those I spar with comment that they feel a difference. When I first started boxing I hated weight training!"