Bruce Silverglade and the legend of Gleason’s Gym

James Oddy
06/01/2016 10:06am

New York City holds a special place in the hearts of many boxing fans. It was at the centre of the sport during its golden age and Madison Square Garden is still a draw for many fans in itself. The city has always produced top quality boxers and one of boxing’s other famous names, Gleason’s Gym, has long been at the heart of that. “[The gym) started in 1937 and its first champions were Phil Terranova and Jake LaMotta,” current owner Bruce Silverglade told Boxing Monthly, during a hectic festive period. “The gym was hot from the beginning but really took off when the famed Stillman's Gym went out of business in 1954.”

Lockett and his rockets

Terry Dooley
05/01/2016 10:13am

There is a building in Cardiff that lies adjacent to an industrial estate. As you head through the doors and up the stairs, you will hear the rhythmic sounds of a busy boxing gym. The sound of skipping ropes sweeping across the floor, throwing dust and sweat into the air, gloves hitting bags and fighters grunting encouragement to each over as they go through their calisthenics. This gym is home to a pack: an alpha dog, his top dogs and a bunch of eager pups snapping at their heels. They are led by Gary Lockett, a former world middleweight title challenger who retired with a 30-2 (21 KOs) record after losing to then-champion Kelly Pavlik in 2008 (TKO 3); he told Boxing Monthly that this particular pack is pushing each other towards success.

Stephen Smith: Adding up at last

Mark Butcher
04/01/2016 8:35am

Stephen ‘Swifty’ Smith is quite possibly the toughest accountant in the world. The IBF’s No.1 contender at 130lbs is equally adept at crunching numbers as he is crippling left hooks to the body. There were times the Liverpool man, a qualified accountant, pondered his future in the fight game after suffering a succession of injuries and a debilitating double dose of kidney stones, but he never stopped believing.

Latest World and British Ratings (January 2016)

Colin Harris
03/01/2016 10:18am

Boxing Monthly’s World and British rankings for January 2016 are explained by Colin Harris, our in-house ratings statistician. Trainer, fighter, manager and promoter queries are welcome.

Chris Eubank Jr: Chip off the old block

John A. MacDonald
02/01/2016 10:06am

With similar chiselled physiques, some mannerisms and - of course - the same name, it is simple to draw comparisons between Chris Eubank and his son, Chris Eubank Jr. Despite the commonalities, there are also many differences between father and son; both in and out of the ring. While some would feel the weight of expectation at being measured against one the best boxers this country has produced, Eubank Jr takes it in his stride. With a steely determination, an unwavering self-belief and clear direction, Jr is very much his own man and believes in time he will be judged on his own merit. “People will always compare us as we have the same name, in the same sport,” Eubank Jr told Boxing Monthly. “I will never be able to escape people comparing us so I let them do what they want to do, say what they want to say and I just get on with business. I’m my own man, I know what I am, my fans know who I am and that’s good enough for me."

Hughie Fury: Rumours of a hidden king

Terry Dooley
01/01/2016 1:07pm

During October’s interview with Boxing Monthly, Tyson Fury outlined his plans for world domination before declaring that he will retire relatively early. When asked what comes next, he pointed to Hughie Fury (18-0, 10 early) - his cousin and a fellow heavyweight contender - and said: “Him. As I said, I don’t care about the titles, he’s the man for the titles - he’ll reign as champion for a very long time.”

World Fight Of The Year 2015

Boxing Monthly
29/12/2015 11:44am

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Montero On Boxing 2015 Awards

Michael Montero & Tiffany Lam
28/12/2015 8:49pm

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UK Fight Of The Year 2015

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28/12/2015 11:27am

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