Frontline Diary: Flanagan-Zepeda, From the park to the couch

Terry Dooley
17/07/2015 6:10am

After only attending one TV show in the past 15 months, I realised that it was time to get back out there. The bullshit-free environs of non-TV shows are great, but you do have to head out to the 'big' ones if you want to pick up news, gossip and other titbits - recluses don’t get exclusives. Unfortunately, I discovered that I’d double-booked myself and ended up sitting yet another one out due to dog-sitting duties.It meant sending a late text through to Richard Maynard, Frank Warren’s PR guru. Richard and Anthony Leaver (Matchroom) have two of the busiest jobs in the sport. Press and all other inquiries tend to land at their doors, not to mention angry emails from irate writers and other media people if they are not happy with their seats.

Frontline Diary: Azerbaijan and Baku 2015

Terry Dooley
16/06/2015 8:15pm

Arriving at Azerbaijan airport at 3am in the morning isn’t the best way to begin a Boxing Monthly fact-finding mission ahead of the inaugural 2015 European Games. For starters, you have to purchase a Visa. The task is made especially hard if, say, your passport is almost a decade old and you have had a drastic haircut plus added an Epping Forest-sized amount of hair to your face in the meantime. “This man, he looks nothing like the man before me,” claimed a bemused official when I brandished my old passport plus the photo I had taken the night before to attach to my Visa application. “Are you really him?” he asked, which prompted a brief existential crisis. “Is anyone really anyone at all?” I countered, running the risk of opening up a conversation that could have lasted all night. Whether through tiredness, boredom or both, he eventually stopped staring at me and rubber-stamped my entry into the country.