Weekend aftermath: Crawford, Khan and Allen

Boxing Monthly
21/04/2019 7:39pm

Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

Paul Zanon, James Oddy, James Lupton, Tom Craze and Callum Rudge reflect on Amir Khan's low blow TKO loss to Terence Crawford and Dave Allen's stoppage of Lucas Browne...

BM: Who next for Terence Crawford in an ideal world and in a realistic world?

PZ: In the ideal world, Crawford and Spence lock horns for a super fight. Not much to add to that.

JO: I only want to see him fight another elite welter, whether that's realistic or not. I think Crawford is an elite talent but I can't call him great until he shows me.

JL: In an ideal world I’d love to see Crawford face Spence Jr - who wouldn’t? In realistic terms I wouldn’t mind seeing Danny Garcia in with Bud. However I don’t see Crawford being beaten by anyone at 147lbs until he faces Spence Jr, that’s a 50/50 fight.

 TC: In an ideal world, there’s only one answer: Errol Spence. The chances of it happening next, whatever Bob Arum says, are slim to none. Realistic? Such is boxing that the safest bet is probably a cursory look at the WBO rankings for someone who’s not PBC-affiliated. Egidijus Kavaliauskas failed his Crawford audition last time out. The one shining light is that Crawford is probably now a solely PPV fighter, so will need bigger names. Kell Brook might be an outside chance, but he might have another obvious option now.

CR: In an ideal world he would face one of the other welterweight champs; Spence, Porter or Thurman but realistically he’ll face number one WBO challenger, Egidijus Kavaliauskas. Crawford needs to learn from Manny Pacquiao and not hand his career to Bob Arum, he needs to take some control.

BM: Is Amir Khan finished? Do you have any residual interest in a Khan vs Kell Brook showdown?

PZ: Khan's last four fights (since his win over Chris Algieri in 2015), hardly merited him the opportunity to fight Crawford. Let's just say he has a great management team around him to have organised his opportunity to fight Bud. As much as I don't fancy seeing the Brook vs Khan fight, simply because it's far too late in their respective careers, it will happen now. The fight will generate a lot of cash for them and will be a touted as the best domestic dust-up since Benn vs Eubank.

JO: I've no interest at all in Brook vs Khan. The ship sailed years ago. When Khan was regularly active and Brook was on the upswing it was a great fight. Now it looks like a cash grab.

JL: I would like to see Khan retire. I’ve said that for a number of years now, he’s earned his money and I hope he gets out with his health intact.

TC: A little from Column A, a little from Column B. Both men look like they’re one or two fights - if that - from calling it a day. Khan vs Brook, though nothing like it once was, is still a big fight in the UK, particularly given the fairly quiet domestic schedule of 2019 so far. Unlike before though, it has little relevance on the welterweight picture as a whole.

CR: Khan is finished but so is Kell Brook so I wouldn’t be angry if they got one final pay day to face each other. I don’t think it will happen though, Khan would rather lose to anyone except Brook, and has avoided his rival thus far to guarantee this.

BM: After Dave Allen's win against Lucas Browne how far can he go?

PZ: Dave Allen - what a guy! For me, it's all about the icing on this man's cake at this point. Everything is bonus material and it seems he's happy with that. He loves to defy the critics and last night was a true 'Cinderella Man' moment. Hopefully he's able to save a few quid from the Browne fight and no doubt get a few more paydays in the future to match the recognition he deserves and effort he's put in. Allen vs Chisora anyone?

JO: I think Allen could win a British title and maybe even some secondary 'world' bauble. He's got a fanbase, a big name promoter and can hype a fight. Plus he's got some chin and when he's focussed is a smart fighter. He once told me about the boxers he's studied and it revealed him to have a real depth of knowledge in the sport. Heavyweight isn't exactly a deep division (or a clean one it seems) so he should get some chances.

JL: Dazzling Dave Allen! We need to see a consistently dedicated Allen to really see how far he can go. For me - at best - his target should be aiming to win the British title outright.

TC:  Seeing Allen stop Browne in exactly the kind of manner he promised to will have been a feel-good moment to all but the most cynical. After a fairly shambolic week for boxing, one of the sport’s true nice guys getting a statement win over a fighter who’s previously failed a drugs test felt fitting. Allen has been revitalised by his partnership with Darren Barker and he’ll relish proving some more doubters wrong. All of that said, Browne had the better of the first two rounds before the crushing finish, and the Doncaster man will know there’s still a lot to work on. I love the idea of a David Price fight, whether on the Whyte vs Rivas undercard in July, or as a big night in Liverpool. Chisora is another option but may have the likes of Parker in his sights. Suddenly though - and with many looking further afield than the Lonsdale - a British title looks very achievable.

CR: I really like how Eddie Hearn is managing Allen's career, putting him in intriguing matches at his level. He won’t win a major title at European or world level but will have entertaining fights and make good money along the way.