Aftermath: Canelo vs GGG 2

Boxing Monthly
16/09/2018 6:44pm

Robbery or fair result? And where next for both men? Paul Zanon, Callum Rudge, Andrew Harrison, James Lupton, Lee Gormley, Shaun Brown, Tom Craze, Anthony Cocks, James Oddy, Mark Butcher, Luke Byron and Luca Rosi dissect and discuss Canelo vs GGG 2...

BM: How did you see and score the fight? Was it a fair result, robbery or somewhere in between?

PZ: I had GGG by two in a very close fight. No scandals, no robberies, just a very close fight. I thought Canelo had picked up the pace marginally from the previous fight and there were perhaps signs of GGG very slightly slowing down, but nonetheless it was a cracking fight.

CR: I had it 115-113 for GGG but there was at least one round I nearly scored the other way. This was a very close fight but I felt that Golovkin’s jab was the difference in the fight, he couldn’t miss with it and for me gave him the edge in 7 out of 12 rounds. GGG is not the fighter he was though and Canelo showed the greater variety and can only be commended for going toe-to-toe with such a monstrous puncher in Golovkin.

AH: I thought Golovkin won a close but clear decision by at least two rounds. Unfortunately, the result has descended into the almost Groundhog Day-type scoring debate that seems to accompany every big fight these days (once over, top fighters managed to find a way to separate themselves from their big rivals decisively). The HBO commentary was very pro-Canelo, which can often prove influential (despite Harold Lederman scoring for GGG by four rounds). Larry Merchant – so often the voice of reason – is sadly missed. It was a good fight between two good fighters.

JL: I had the fight extremely close with many rounds tight to score for either man. I had GGG ahead by three points however wouldn’t have complained this time around had we seen another draw. I don’t, however, feel that Canelo won this fight

LG: I scored it 115-113 for Golovkin. I felt he was the more deserving fighter in a very, very close bout. He started the slower of the two and I feared age had finally caught up to him as he appeared tired early, while Canelo's body work was having an effect on him. But after the midway point he picked up massively and looked the more dangerous man when toe-to-toe, catching Alvarez flush and finally throwing combinations. I don't see the result as a robbery as such, just an extremely close fight which could have gone either way (in theory), but it seems more frustrating due to the injustice of the first meeting. I'm as big a GGG fan as there is but Canelo improved a lot and you can't take anything away from his performance. He did what no one else has ever done and backed Golovkin up throughout, only being pressured to the ropes once late on. So fair play to him this time.

SB: 115-113 Golovkin. Not a robbery by any stretch but it still feels like an injustice. Canelo won the highlight reel but GGG was much more consistent.

TC: If these aren't the two best middleweights in the world, they might be the two best matched. I scored it 116-112 Golovkin, but only a handful of rounds were clear for either man, and I'd have no problem with scores a couple of rounds closer. With so many actively willing Golovkin to win to right the perceived injustice of the first fight and the failed drugs test, few will have seen this entirely objectively, but this was an excellent fight that was some way from a robbery - which in truth happen week in, week out on undercards and in small halls, where an away fighter sweeps the board and still ends up on the wrong side of the scores. This was a close fight in which Golovkin finished strong. The harsh truth is that, given the location and circumstance, he needed to outclass Canelo in a way that never really looked like happening - that it didn't is a credit to Canelo's own performance.

AC: The fight was scored fairly and the best man won. Canelo earned the victory.

JO: 115-113 to Golovkin. It was a tight fight but Glolovkin landed more and landed better shots for me. Far from a robbery but I had GGG doing enough.

MB: A ridiculously close fight. There were so many marginal rounds where an argument could be made for either man. No robbery to see here. Canelo owned the first half of the contest with his aggression and pressure, but Golovkin finished more strongly. In my opinion, Canelo needed that last round and busted a gut to force a draw (114-114). Golden Boy and Canelo bided their time facing GGG until he showed signs of wear and tear and that slippage was apparent last night. The Golovkin of two, three years ago wins this fight clearly.

LB: I scored it 115-113 to GGG and while the fight isn’t a ‘robbery’, I think the frustration stems from the notion that Canelo would get the nod regardless of what GGG produced on the nigh, as well as the fact that the aggression which seemingly won the fight for Canelo was scored opposingly in the first encounter. Again, not a robbery, but the fact that the Kazakh only picked up one scorecard from six in his favour across two bouts certainly leaves a sour taste.

LR: A fantastic fight. For me there was only one winner and that was GGG. The points scoring is academic. That said, Canelo's work is deceptively effective and certainly in the earlier rounds, he landed the heavier and cleaner punches. He was also on the front foot more, and again, in the early stages, showed more ambition. A fight of two halves - GGG dominated the second half more than Canelo did the first, and for that the Kazakh deserved the win.

BM: What next? Do you foresee a third fight? Do you want to see it?

PZ: I see the third fight being more of the same, but Canelo looking sharper and GGG older. Another close one, with Canelo nicking a round or two more.

CR: Of course I would love to see it, they are the two best middleweights in the world and their styles will always make excellent fights. From what I’ve seen of the post-fight quotes there is little talk of a rubber match and perhaps GGG will retire knowing that his best his behind him. Canelo has a fascinating mandatory in defence in Jermall Charlo so if a rubber match with GGG doesn’t happen, we have an excellent alternative.

AH: The ball is firmly in Canelo’s court now (isn’t it always?). With Golovkin diminishing physically, Golden Boy have no reason to rush into an immediate rubber match. Time is on their side.

JL: I do see a third fight happening as there is so much revenue to be made. GGG seemed to gas from almost the mid-point of the fight, and his age must play a huge factor. If they hold out for another year GGG will be 37 but I don’t think that will deter thr Kazakh. If it happens we can’t complain as we will see the best fighting the best, again.

LG: As it was such a close fight a trilogy definitely now appeals. I wasn't keen on the idea before the rematch but having seen a superb clash, I'd be more than happy witnessing it for a third time and closing the rivalry out. They are quite clearly the two best middleweights around, so why not? Golovkin will feel he has one more opportunity to get one back on the Mexican (as well as a final payday before retiring), while Canelo would be a big favourite if they were to meet again next May. I could see it happening on Cinco de Mayo next year after Canelo perhaps faces fellow Golden Boy fighter David Lemieux in December or January

SB: Iwould like to see a third fight but from GGG's point of view it would have to happen by March 2019. It will only happen if Canelo and De La Hoya agree to it being outside Vegas and that won't happen. I think GGG goes to 168lbs or retires. Canelo needs to seize the day. At times he was sensational against GGG, especially his movement and punch variety. He needs to tell Billy Joe Saunders and co. that he is coming for them. Send out a message.

TC: The third fight is still the biggest money option for both, but I'm not desperate to see it next, nor do I think it'll happen. Canelo-Lemieux is a fight that's now ready-made for Golden Boy, and them choosing the in-house option feels more likely. There are obviously better fights to be made at 160lbs, but the unifications we'd all like to see could be difficult to make. The winner of Billy Joe Saunders vs Demetrius Andrade has a legitimate claim to be the world's second-best middleweight, but the looming shadow of Jermall Charlo - who might already be the division's real danger man - probably stays 'on the other side of the street' for now. As for Golovkin, he might now realise which way his bread is buttered, with a third Canelo fight likely to be more of the same. After being stripped of the IBF title a few months ago, he's unlikely to be near the top of the IBF's queue for the winner of Danny Jacobs vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko, but that's a fight I'd like to see. 160lbs is a much stronger - and richer - landscape for him than the idea of moving up.

AC: There almost has to be a third fight, that's where the money is. But Golovkin gets done over very comfortably in the third go round, possibly by late stoppage. Time waits for no man.

JO: I don't, personally, think it happens. In Canelo's mind there's nothing left to prove, and as for Glolovkin, why would he want to fight in Vegas again against the 'Golden Boy'? I don't particularly want to see it, either. I'd like to see Canelo fight Saunders, Charlo, Andrade etc. As for Golovkin, a fight against the winner of Groves vs Smith might be a fun, new challenge. I'm still gutted his potential fight against Carl Froch never happened.

MB: After 24 rounds, there is still little to separate GGG and Canelo and demand for a trilogy will be high among fans. But I think Canelo will wish to draw a line under this chapter and move on.

LB: I don’t foresee a third fight, as much as I would love to see it; Golovkin likely doesn’t have many more fights of a similar nature left and it seems that Golden Boy are eyeing up David Lemieux and Jaime Munguia for Canelo in the near future. The only way we could maybe see it, is if GGG can secure a fight with the BJS vs Andrade winner and set up a unification to add more spice to a trilogy.

LR: A third fight? Money talks but personally I don't want to see it. We've seen the best of them, I don't think either can up their game and they'll cancel each other out once again.