Aftermath: Wilder vs Fury 2

Boxing Monthly
23/02/2020 8:49am

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 02.22.2020 02 22 2020 Fight Ryan Hafey Premier Boxing Champions1Photos: Ryan Hafey / Premier Boxing Champions

Tyson Fury outclassed Deontay Wilder  to win via TKO7 in a performance for the ages in Las Vegas last night to lift the WBC title and retain his lineal crown. Shaun Brown, Callum Rudge, Tom Craze, Chris Glover, Andrew Harrison, James Oddy, Paul Zanon and Lee Gormley assess the big showdown...

BM: Your take on the fight, the tactics, the execution...

SB: The fight was won early on. Wilder looked spent after ten minutes. The tactics were bold but proved if you take away Wilder's right hand there is little left. Fury was outstanding. He outclassed and out-punched the biggest puncher in the division.

CR: A masterful performance by Fury. He took ring centre and dominated an undefeated champion in Wilder. He negated Wilder’s biggest weapon and, in the end, beat up the WBC champion.

TC: As comprehensive and conclusive a beatdown as you’ll see in a fight of this magnitude. Fury fought the perfect game plan and proved he is the better overall boxer, the vastly superior inside fighter, and by far the physically stronger man.

CG: Fury's tactics were spot on. His footwork was incredible. He kept Wilder moving to his left, where he was crossing his feet, therefore unable to detonate a big right hand. Fury completely controlled the rhythm and used his size advantage to the utmost effect. 10/10 for tactics and I believe that it was Tyson’s boxing’s IQ that was the reasoning behind the success.

AH: Fury executed the perfect game-plan to beat Wilder – but I don’t think many people believed he had it in him. Whenever he’s fought aggressively in the past, he has very nearly come unstuck. In the end it was easy for him, though he made a bit of a meal of things (which can be excused when you consider the threat of Wilder’s money punch). He’d be better at it next time, and he’d finish Wilder sooner.

JO: I balked at Fury's pre-fight proclamations but he backed them up. He took the fight to Wilder and exposed all the flaws we knew were present. The amazing thing was the bravery and precision to eliminate Wilder's freakish power.

PZ: Fury said he was going to go out there, hunt Wilder down and knock him out. He didn't lie. Turns out he was actually 19st 2lbs, which is 5lbs off that stated at the weigh-in. A bit of kidology, which perhaps Wilder bought into. Fury boxed the best and most aggressively in his career. He didn't put a step wrong. Wilder had those same distance and timing issues from the first fight, but after the first knockdown, he looked unrepairable. I wonder if he had his ear drum burst as his equilibrium was all over the place. Either way - Tyson was going to nail him last night and that's the bottom line. He executed the game plan in military fashion, concluding the intended result ahead of the expected 12 round time frame which the public, including myself, thought he would be victorious over.

LG: Fury and his team got it spot on and it turned out to be a complete domination. This was a masterclass from 'The Gypsy King' for sure. Despite what you may think of Wilder, the American is the biggest puncher in the sport and Fury walked him down, bullied, out-powered and ultimately stopped him. Incredible. Fury used his physical advantages better this time around too, leaning down on Wilder when they got close to drain his energy further, slyly choking him and ripping in body shots, knowing the champion had no inside game at all. A great showing all round from Fury!

BM: Where does Fury’s win rank in historical heavyweight terms?

SB: Historically, I'm not so sure because where will Wilder stack up in years to come. The context should be about Fury's comeback and what he has overcome to get back to where he once was. He's better than ever. But historically it will be remembered for the brilliance and domination.

CR: It’s one of, if not the best 'away' performance by a British fighter. People will try to call Wilder a bum, a one-trick pony but good fighters hadn’t managed to beat his trick. Wilder was a scary prospect for any man and Fury chased off the bogeyman!

TC: It’s right up there with his Klitschko win, for starters, and there are very few fighters in any weight class in recent history who can boast two away wins as strong as that pair.

CG: For me it’s the best comeback since Muhammad Ali and outdoes George Foreman based on the issues that went on for Fury outside of the ring.

AH: It was a very good win, an intelligent win, but really, Wilder had been hugely overrated coming in. It ended up looking like Riddick Bowe bullying Herbie Hide back in 1995. Fury just very calmly beat the smaller man up. If ever a fighter was one-dimensional, it’s Wilder. How odd to see all of these American heavyweights knocked off time after time by European heavies. You could never have imagined that B.L. (Before Lennox).

JO: I was listening on Talksport where they made wild claims that Fury had surpassed Lennox Lewis and was in a conversation with Ali. It made me reflect on Fury - the win is a great one in terms of British boxing (arguably the greatest due to pre-fight hype) and a memorable one at heavyweight.

PZ: Time will help answer that with greater clarity, but for the moment, he's got to be top 10... in terms of how he's become a two-time champion and the rollercoaster ride inside and out of the ring thus far.

LG: There will be many revisionists in the aftermath of such a one-sided fight, those who will play down Wilder and outline how bad a fighter he is. But this was a genuine 50-50 fight going into it and Wilder was hailed as one of the biggest knockout punchers in the division's history. So Fury's superb win should rank highly in modern day heavyweight terms.

BM: Where next for both men?

SB: Fury vs Joshua has to be made. Fury says he has three fights left. There can't be no step down in opponent now because it won't benefit Fury. It has to be Joshua.

CR: It has to be the unification with Joshua. The people at the sanctioning bodies and the promoters have to realise, the sport isn’t about them, it’s about the fighters. The fighters have to take control of their own destiny and make the fight now - not next year, now.

TC: A contracted third fight might well happen, but on this showing it feels futile. Wilder will learn plenty from this, but learning enough to rebound and settle the score is inconceivable. Fury vs Joshua is the fight that the world will now demand, but don’t hold your breath.

CG: I don’t see the point in a third fight immediately right now. Fury can continue to grow his brand Stateside and I’d love to see him headline at Madison Square Garden. Wilder needs to rebuild, he may want the rematch but I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired. He’s made a lot of money and isn’t getting any younger. I wouldn’t rush into the third fight if I was Wilder.

AH: There’s a clause in the contract for a third fight but they can’t sell that right now. Wilder needs to bank another couple of eye-popping KOs against more hittable opponents before anyone would buy the idea he has a chance against Fury (if they ever do again). A Fury vs Joshua fight in the UK would be gargantuan - the biggest in history - but I can’t see that happening this year (or in the UK come to that). So, Fury needs to be careful – he needs to be challenged. Sadly, they’ll probably put him back in with Wallin.

JO: I really hope we don't get a third fight. Fury beat Wilder up after looking the better man the first time round. Wilder brings excitement. I think he'd beat the vast majority of the other heavies, and i still find the prospect of him against Joshua enticing. Options are available. Fury really does have to fight Joshua though. Forget the mandatory defences etc. Nobody cares. It'll be the biggest sporting event in modern British history. I do think it will happen at some stage - the money to be made is just so huge.

PZ: You'd hope Fury fights Joshua. A unification of all the belts, including the lineal (don't get me started on that one), in the UK at Wembley. That would be the dream. Unfortunately, it looks like Fury is hungry for the third instalment with Wilder, which puts unnecessary mileage on his clock. Re: Wilder - I'd like to see him against AJ, which may happen if he doesn't reactivate the rematch clause. If he wins that...he'll naturally fight Fury again, but bringing some straps to the party. Failing that - everyone can fight Charles Martin.

LG: It's heavyweight boxing so Wilder can bounce back for sure and this lop-sided beating still hasn't put me off seeing him against Joshua at some point in the future. But the big one is Fury vs Joshua for all the titles. An undisputed heavyweight title showdown is the biggest event that this sport can offer so that has to happen this year. 

BM: Does Fury belong in the pound for pound top ten?

SB: Fury is definitely in the top ten pound for pound. The second half of it but definitely top ten.

CR: It always makes me uncomfortable rating heavyweights in the P4P, especially the tallest heavyweight in the division. But is Fury one of the ten best boxers in the world? Easily, yes.

CG: Fury is in the top 5 P4P. He’s on the Loma, Crawford level.

AH: I don’t think so.

JO: Yes. Fury is a fine boxer. I hesitate to put him in due to the lack of depth in the division, but this win gets him in for me.

PZ: No 4 behind Canelo, Loma and Usyk,

LG: Wilder wasn't close to being a pound-for-pound top 10 fighter beforehand, so beating him shouldn't propel Fury into those rankings.