Aftermath: Srisaket vs Estrada

Boxing Monthly
26/02/2018 10:12am



Thai powerhouse Srisaket Sor Rungvisai won a hard-fought majority decision on Saturday night against Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada. Callum Rudge, Cameron Gillon and Luke G. Williams debate the contest and what comes next for both men...

BM: How did you score the fight? What was your assessment of it?

CG: I scored the fight 115-113 in favour of Srisaket. The fight was excellent. It showed the type of contest you get when you match two elite fighters in the prime of their careers together - memorable fights like we witnessed on Saturday night. I thought Srisaket's aggressive approach and cleaner work early on gave him the lead, and despite Estrada coming on and being effective later on, Srisaket stuck in there and continued to have his own success and edged the fight for me.

CR: I scored it 115–113 to Estrada. I thought the Mexican swept the opening three rounds, Srisaket rallied in the middle rounds and looked to have taken control before Estrada started closing the space and being more aggressive in the championship rounds. I picked Estrada to win a close fight and for me, he did just that. Steve Morrow’s card of 117-111 was a disrespect to the craft of the Mexican.

LW: 115-113 Srisaket. I agree with Cameron's assessment. 117-11 was too wide and I could have lived with a draw. It was a magnificent contest and both men enhanced their reputations.

BM: Should there be a Srisaket-Estrada rematch straight away or should it be somewhere down the line? What other super fly fights are on your wish list?

CG: I feel like the rematch has to be next due to it being such a close fight to call. If you take into account that Srisaket gave Roman Gonzalez an immediate rematch after the controversy of their first fight and he said there should be a rematch with Estrada, I have no doubt we will see that fight headline a potential Superfly 3 card later this year.

CR: An immediate rematch makes the most sense. Although a lot of people are calling for Srisaket to face WBO titlist Naoya Inoue, the latter is likely to move up to 118lbs and face Doncaster’s WBA title holder Jamie McDonnell in Japan, therefore the rematch between Srisaket and Estrada makes more sense.

LW: I wouldn't say no to an immediate rematch, although it will be interesting to see if the WBC mandate a contest between Srisaket and McWilliams Arroyo first. I also think that Srisaket has earned a voluntary 'homecoming' defence if he wants one against an opponent of his choice. He's a warrior though and it wouldn't surprise me if an Estrada rematch is next up for him.

BM: Do weight classes get any better than 115lbs right now?

CG: In terms of seeing the best competing against each other at the top level and producing compelling fights with a high skill level involved, I don't think there is a weight division that is better than 115Ibs. Cruiserweight has really excelled during the World Boxing Super Series, but super flyweight is my number one division currently.

CR: Cruiserweight has a good argument for best divison, with enough depth to hold two WBSS style tournaments, but super fly is right up there with not only Estrada and Rungvisai but also Kal Yafai, John Riel Casimero and McWilliams Arroyo. The smaller guys are finally getting the limelight their talent deserves.

LW: I agree with Cameron and Callum - super fly and cruiser are the stand out divisions right now. Light heavy and feather have potential to match them if the top guys there were fighting each other more.

BM: Should the WBSS aim for a super-fly tourney? Or is there no need as great fights are being made anyway?

CG: I don't see the need in making a World Boxing Super Series tournament at super flyweight because the fights we want to see have been put together over the last 12-18 months. I expect we will see the Srisaket-Estrada rematch and there has been talks of a potential Roman Gonzalez-Donnie Nietes fight. You also have to think Jerwin Ancajas, McWilliams Arroyo and others will be matched together also. There are other divisions that could do with a WBSS a lot more.

CR: I don’t think it’s necessary, the ‘Superfly’ series has the network (HBO), the star power and the audience to make the biggest fights happen without the WBSS. If I could pick one division to have the next WBSS it would be light heavyweight.

LW: OK, the super fly division doesn't 'need' the WBSS to make competitive fights but for me it's a matter of economics and making sure these boxers receive the best purses possible for their efforts. Srisaket's reported purse was $250,000 on Saturday night, Estrada's $100,000 and Carlos Cuadras and McWilliams Arroyo just $25,000 apiece. If the WBSS was to reward a field of eight super flys more richly than that - which I suspect it would - then I would be all for it. These guys are putting everything on the line in thrilling, competitive fights and I want to see them more handsomely rewarded for it.

BM: Where do you rank Srisaket (and Estrada) in the P4P stakes?

CG: I personally do not 'do' pound-for-pound rankings, but I struggle to see how you couldn't have both in the list, especially Srisaket who should be in the top half a potential top 10 list.

CR: I ranked Estrada at number 10 in my last list so after a close fight I would probably move him to nine and have Srisaket at 10. They are two very well-matched fighters at the top of their game.

LW: BM's last online rankings had Srisaket at number six. I would personally now have him at number four, ahead of Mikey Garcia and Canelo Alvarez, and only behind Vasyl Lomachenko, Gennady Golovkin and Terence Crawford.