Aftermath: Spence vs Garcia

Boxing Monthly
17/03/2019 7:28am

Photo: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Errol Spence dominated Mikey Garcia in front of more than 47,000 fans in Texas in an IBF welterweight title showdown on Saturday. Lee Gormley, Paul Zanon, Luca Rosi, Callum Rudge, Luke G. Williams, Shaun Brown, James Lupton and Colin Harris are here with their take on the fight...

BM: How did you see and score the fight?

LG: The only surprise was that it went the distance but the actual fight played out exactly as expected. Any misconceptions over Spence Jr’s boxing ability and ring IQ faded immediately in the first round. He completely outboxed the supposedly superior boxer from the first bell, using a great jab and his trademark sustained body attack. I only gave Garcia the second, which was being generous and had it 119-109 for the champion. Spence won’t get much credit for it but he proved a point on his home patch.

PZ: Complete shutout for Spence. The  puncher outboxed the boxer and controlled every aspect of the fight.

LR: You could say it was a total mismatch. A demolition job. Garcia wasn't able to land one telling blow. Spence was ruthless, too strong, too sharp, too damn good!

CR: I had the fight 120-108 to Spence Jr. He controlled range with hands and feet, using his jab and footwork incredibly well and when he felt like came inside and worked over Garcia to the body. Garcia showed he’s tough and has a solid chin but not much else, something of a fools errand by the four-division champion.

LW: Shutout for Spence. I thought the reigning champion would win, but expected Garcia to give him problems, He didn't. Spence controlled distance, range and varied his attack beautifully. A wonderful performance.

SB: Also a shutout for Spence. I didn't give Garcia one round. The only time Spence was in trouble came midway when he had a minor stumble. The fourth round changed the tone of the fight. I can't even recall Garcia landing a punch that made him remotely competitive. The raised right hand at the end of each round was Garcia surely saying "I'm still here" rather than "I won that round". A night of domination.

JL: I saw it as a shutout, I have no qualms with the scorecards whatsoever. Garcia was not busy enough and Spence was made to look incredible but was tactically spot on.

BM: Is Spence the best welterweight in the world? Where / who next?

LG: It’s still a toss-up between Spence Jr and Crawford for the best in the division. There’s only one way to determine it but we’re unlikely to see it anytime soon, such is modern boxing. The ending of Manny Pacquiao’s career looks next in line, sadly.

PZ: At 147lbs I can only see Crawford beating Spence, or at least giving him a stiffer test. Spence beats Thurman and Porter. A fight with Manny shouldn't even happen...

LR: We won't know until he fights Crawford who I feel is the best P4P fighter. I agree with Paul, we don't need the Manny fight, we really don't.

CR: Yes he is, he doesn’t have the wins of Keith Thurman but has looked fantastic in each of his 25 paid victories and has thoroughly dominated his two biggest challenges (Brook and Garcia). Crawford is the other big player in the division but his current record at 147lbs doesn’t match up. Pacquiao was brought to the ring after the fight but the feeling is Thurman gets a shot at the eight-division titlist before the IBF King, Spence. Leaving the Texas native to take on his WBC counterpart in Shawn Porter.

LW: I'm with Callum on this - Thurman is my number one based on accomplishments at 147lbs, with Spence and Pacquiao next, then Crawford. However, more than  likely that Spence and Crawford beat Pacquiao and Thurman.

SB: Spence and Crawford are vying for top spot and need to fight to ascertain who is top dog. The likelihood is we get Spence v Pac next. Porter's style is made for Spence and Thurman's time away has probably shortened his time at the top.

CH: I think Spence is the second best welterweight in the world at the moment, with Crawford deserving the number 1 slot. I'd like to see Spence get active, with three or four fights a year and just really push himself to being the stand-out guy of the division, because while we have four hot titlists right now, there's not much activity happening at 147lbs. If I was advising him, I'd be trying to get Porter to unify.

JL: No, Crawford is. I can’t actually see many of the champions wanting to face him in a hurry, I see Pacquiao facing Thurman next and I do not believe Porter will want anything to do with Spence. Bud is most likely if it’s another champion next.

BM: What now for Garcia? Has his career just been shortened?

LG: I hope it won’t affect Garcia but that sustained beating, those last few rounds particularly, could well have hurt his career at the elite level. He’ll need a long break then he has to go back to lightweight, anything above that doesn’t benefit him at all. I fancied him as the one to pose problems for a prime Lomachenko beforehand but maybe not now after such a tough hiding.

LR: Who knows? Garcia took a lot of punishment. Beatings like that leave their psychological scars. He will need to reflect long and hard after that drubbing.

CR: He took a bit of a shellacking in there but I think Spence held back a bit towards the end. It also looks like his move to welterweight was similar to Juan Manuel Marquez’s in a sense where it’s not all muscle, so a move back down shouldn’t take too much out of him.

LW: If he goes back to lightweight then a showdown with Lomachenko has lost some of its lustre. He needs to regroup, settle on one weight class and see how he goes. A Luke Campbell fight makes sense.

SB: Garcia has no more business at 147lbs and needs to go back to 135. What Spence did to him might have even damaged any aspirations he had at 140 where Prograis and Taylor would do more damage to Garcia. Only time will tell if his career has been shortened but Luke Campbell might just fancy his chances even more if they meet for Garcia's WBC lightweight title.

CH: Garcia simply drops down to either 135 or 140lbs, much in the same way Juan Manuel Marquez did after his attempt at joining the welterweights. Obviously a unification at 135lbs with Loma is what we'd all like to see, although the nature of this loss, even despite the weight/size disparity, has taken some shine off that match-up. Loma will be very heavily favoured now, and rightly so.

JL: I see Mikey going back down in weight, rebuilding and probably defending his WBC title against Luke Campbell.