Aftermath: Spence Jr vs Porter

Boxing Monthly
29/09/2019 10:02am

Photos: Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Errol Spence Jr edged out Shawn Porter in an all-action welterweight title unification. Craig Scott, Luke G. Williams, Callum Rudge and Andrew Harrison are here with their assessment of the fight...

BM: How did you see and score the fight?

CS: I found the scores levelling themselves every two rounds on my card. I had Spence Jr winning by two points and I think the judges' cards, either way, were too wide (116-111 Spence, twice; 115-122 Porter). Porter was outstanding tonight and although Spence got the job done, his performance will raise a few eyebrows, in Nebraska, especially.

LW: I had Spence winning by a point or two, with that eleventh-round knockdown proving crucial. Porter did a great job at throwing Spence off his rhythm, but the Texas man responded well with good body work and his output overall was more accurate. He was a close but clear winner in my book.

CR: I scored it 115-112 for Spence, 7-5 in rounds plus the knockdown. On the Sky commentary they said it was one of the hardest fights to score and they were right. The first eight rounds ebbed and flowed with the fighters both landing big shots and having strong spells in the fight. The championship rounds were what swung it, the knockdown and Porter tiring meant Spence finally grabbed a foothold and edged out the win.

AH: 115-114 Spence. I had him grinding it out over the last three rounds. The official scorecards in favour of Spence, seemed off-beam. I’m an advocate of scoring close rounds even. To score a fight as closely contested as that one without an even round possibly led to the odd-looking cards.

BM: Was it a fight of the year contender?

CS: Absolutely. It was a cracker! So often these fights fail to deliver or flatter to deceive, but that was twelve rounds of excellent entertainment.

LW: It's up there. We have had a lack of competitive big fights this year, and this was an exciting scrap, although the heavy favourite still won.

CR: Yes definitely; two world champions showing that not only they’re quality fighters but can also gut it out when needed. The action was non stop and both men will be aching this morning.

AH: It was an entertaining fight and will undoubtedly be in the argument.

BM: Have both men enhanced their reputation?

CS: I don't think Spence has enhanced his reputation, particularly. He was expected to triumph emphatically, both by the bookies and the boxing pundits. He looked pressured at times on the back foot, and although he whips in shots with punishing accuracy, he wasn't as active as I'd have hoped. Shawn Porter - undoubtedly. Fitness, durability, heart. Scraping himself off the canvas after his eyes have rolled around his head, only to scream 'LET'S GO!' and get after it... He was great.

LW: Porter's stock rose. He reminded everyone just what a good fighter he is - a real throwback who will fight anyone. Spence I'm not sure - probably his stock has remained about the same. However, as he did against Kell Brook, he has shown that in tough fights he can ride the storm and find a way to win.

CR: Porter was a big underdog with the bookies and his performance made a mockery of that. There isn’t a fighter in the sport who has an easy night's work with Porter, not even Crawford. Spence showed against Porter that he can lead the attack but also gut it out when necessary. Both men deserve huge credit.

AH: Porter’s stock rose highest. The expectation heading in was that Spence was a higher class than his PBC peers. Do we still believe that this morning? The Danny Garcia fight will tell us more.

BM: Spence’s position in the P4P stakes - discuss!

CS: I think this is Spence's biggest win. He'd previously triumphed over a damaged Brook, an ageing Lamont Peterson and a bloated Mikey Garcia. This was a legitimate win against a top fighter. I'd maybe have him in my P4P top ten, but it wouldn't be a sure thing just yet.

LW: He's still in the lower reaches of the top ten for me, no higher. That's where he will stay until he removes all doubt that he's the man at 147lbs.

CR: Pre fight I had Spence at number 7 and now I could potentially have him above GGG into  number 6 but the Top five (Canelo, Loma, Usyk, Inoue and Crawford) are so good it’s hard to shift them.

AH: This is a perfect example of why 'P4P' shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Spence just went more or less evens up with a fighter at his own weight - the best he’d fought to date. Why would you want to compare him to fighters at other weights, when you have fighters at 147 lbs he could actually fight? But if that’s your thing, then Spence ranks next to Porter, just as Canelo Alvarez ranks next to Gennady Golovkin (as they haven’t separated themselves sufficiently from one another).

BM: Danny Garcia seemingly next for Spence... Thoughts?

CS: Uninterested. The PBC wheel keeps spinning.

LW: Not a terrible fight by any means, as Garcia is a top ten welter, but it's not the fight boxing wants or needs, which is Spence vs Crawford, of course.

BM: Spence vs Crawford - discuss!

CR: Crawford has done very little at welterweight and hasn’t been truly tested yet. Spence looked flawless until last night but despite struggling last night, I would lean towards the Texas man to edge out a win against Crawford.

AH: I’d take Crawford to beat Spence right now, though the longer the fight remains unmade, the more the odds shift towards Spence. By the time we see it (if ever) it could look like Felix Trinidad vs Pernell Whitaker.