Aftermath: Lomachenko vs Crolla

Boxing Monthly
15/04/2019 7:15am

Photo: Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

After Vasiliy Lomachenko demolished Anthony Crolla in four rounds, members of the Boxing Monthly team ponder where 'Hi-Tech' goes next and if anyone can beat him...

GettyImages 1142349705First things first - Lomachenko is an incredible and wonderful talent and the sport of boxing is lucky to have him. Right now - at 135lbs or lower - I can't see anyone beating him. He's too fast, too technically skilled and too dedicated. Everyone would like to see him face Mikey Garcia next but I can't see a deal being done there, for myriad reasons. More likely he will fight Richard Commey, who will survive longer than Crolla did and offer more of a challenge, but still be defeated. I'm slightly disappointed that it seems Loma's next fight will be in September. That puts him on a two-fight a year schedule for 2019, when I would love it to be three. He's 31 and at his peak and needs to take advantage of that. As a boxer who depends so much on his reflexes, Loma could decline - perhaps unexpectedly - at any point in the next few years so I would like to see him fight as often as possible. A Teofimo Lopez clash would be interesting and the build-up would be spicy. It's too early - of course - for the Brooklyn upstart to take on the Ukrainian, but Loma's team may decide they want that fight sooner rather than later as the longer it marinates the more chance Lopez will have. - Luke G. Williams

Linares showed a chink in Loma's armour, but then Loma flipped the script back in his favour. Mikey Garcia would make for a good test, but I don't see Loma losing. In brief, nobody beats Loma at 135lbs at present. - Paul Zanon

Lomachenko is the best boxer on the planet and he’s at the height of his powers. At the moment there’s no one at 130lbs or 135lbs that can beat him in my opinion. I thought Mikey Garcia would’ve been a good test but the Errol Spence Jr thrashing will have taken a lot out of him in his career. I’d like to see him fight Commey next for the IBF belt, that way a win sets up an undisputed shot against whoever holds the WBC title next year. Garcia has it now but it looks likely of being someone else or possibly vacant by that time (Luke Campbell in London is intriguing). Gervonta Davis is a great fight too but Floyd Mayweather won’t be letting that happen anytime soon, if ever. - Lee Gormley

Tim Bradley summed it up perfectly (and I paraphrase) when he said that Loma is at his weakest when he gets overconfident
and walks on to one as he did against Jorge Linares. But then you have to finish the job off, which is easier said than done.
Loma's a phenomenon, unique - we're just lucky to have him. Nothing else matters! - Luca Rosi

I felt for a long time that Mikey Garcia was the man to beat Lomachenko. He’s a strong, smart lightweight with the tactical knowhow to outwork and shut down the Ukrainian. Since Mikey Garcia’s drubbing vs. Errol Spence, I’m not so sure, losing a big fight in a such an emphatic has taken some of the shine from the Loma-Garcia match up and will no doubt have dented Garcia’s confidence. I think the only thing that can beat Loma at this point is a mid-fight injury as he’s had hand and shoulder issues recently. - Callum Rudge

No one at 135lbs. Loma has shown himself to be levels above everyone in recent years. The way he toyed with fighters on the level of Walters  and Rigondeaux shall live long in the memory of boxing fans. However, at the very highest level it only takes one mistake to derail everything. Had Lomachenko been caught by Mikey Garcia with the same right hand Linares landed, the results may have been concussive. For me, Garcia provides the toughest test in the lightweight division, depending on how he returns following the Spence loss. If he still possesses the confidence in his timing and boxing skills then he is a genuine threat. Gervonta Davis' explosive style could also lead to a tense affair. But I only see one winner in those two fights. Eventually the only thing that could defeat the Ukrainian, in my eyes, is overconfidence or a huge size disadvantage. - Daniel Morley

Nobody’s invincible. Though Lomachenko has adjusted and improved since, it’s worth remembering that there is a blueprint to beat him, as provided by Orlando Salido some five years ago. Whether there’s anyone out there at lightweight willing or able to roll the dice with a similar kind of roughhousing is another matter. It’s too early for Lopez, though his power brings more of a threat than others, and I agree with the sentiment that Lomachenko would too be much after Garcia's ill-fated welterweight challenge. Commey’s physicality might make things interesting for a while, but that’s a problem I think Lomachenko would solve with plenty to spare. Other than that, we’re clutching at straws a little. 140lbs would be too much for Lomachenko, but he’s made it clear his priority is unifying at lightweight, and rightly so. In terms of who I want him to fight next it's Garcia, no question, although I’m perfectly fine seeing the Commey fight too. There’s an argument to say Davis gives Lomachenko one of his toughest tests, but looking at the American’s recent level of opposition, I can’t help but feel it’s wasting breath even discussing it. - Tom Craze

No one beats him at 135lbs! We all knew Lomachenko's greatest threat at the weights around him was Garcia, but a lot of the shine has since come off of that match-up, and Lomachenko would now start as a bigger favourite than he previously would have. Garcia still poses the biggest threat, but Commey would get massively outpointed... And while Gervonta Davis gets mentioned, his career seems to have taken a 'lazy' aspect recently, which is a shame. I think Loma will have to go to 140lbs to really be at risk of losing. - Colin Harris

Nobody from 126-135lbs beats Lomachenko right now. Unfortunately, there are no big fights for him at that weight range either. It's doubtful that Garcia will go back down to lightweight. For Loma to get his 'super fight', he'll likely have to move to 140lbs. - Michael Montero