Aftermath: Golovkin vs Derevyanchenko

Boxing Monthly
06/10/2019 7:27pm

Photos: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

GettyImages 1179284231Gennady Golovkin beat Sergiy Derevyanchenko via unanimous decision after a battle for the ages at Madison Square Garden. Lee Gormley, Callum Rudge, Luca Rosi and James Oddy give their take on the post-fight talking points...

BM: GGG got the judges’ nod - but how did you score and see it?

LG: Brilliant fight! That was a scrap that a younger Golovkin would’ve relished but it will have taken a lot out of his 37-year-old body. I had it the same as two of the judges, 115-112 to GGG. On another note, I thought the boos from the MSG crowd were a joke when Golovkin was being interviewed, considering how much both men put it into 12 GettyImages 1179283003tough rounds.

CR: I scored it 114-113 to Derevyanchenko with a few close rounds in there. You could see from very early that it was going to be a tough night for GGG. Derevyanchenko got inside and worked Golovkin’s body and got results. GGG got the knockdown and looked like the puncher all night but the Ukrainian was not afraid to exchange with him. It made for a fantastic fight.

LR: I thought GGG was a clear winner. 115-112 was about right (on two of the judges' cards). All credit to Derevyanchenko, who was hampered by a horrific cut. The Ukrainian needed more rounds like the tenth though, his work was often high volume but low impact (the opposite of GettyImages 1179288466GGG). There was a significant gulf in size and power between the two. GGG isn't the fighter he was but his game management was superb. He should get far more credit, as despite his 37 years, he's still beating everyone that's put in front of him. I really don't get all the GGG bashing.

BM: Should there be a rematch? And who do you see winning it?

LG: Based on how good the fight was, a rematch would probably be as entertaining but there are bigger match-ups to make and I don’t see it happening again. If it does happen it would be close again and another year down the line it could maybe swing in Derevyanchenko’s favour second time around.

CR: I really think Derevyanchenko deserves a rematch and if it happens I think he would win it. That was a tough night for Golovkin and, at 37, that would’ve taken a lot of out of him.

BM: Do you still have any interest in Canelo vs GGG 3 and will it happen?

LG: A Canelo-GGG trilogy is still one the biggest fights in the sport, so as a boxing fan I’d love to see it obviously, particularly if it ended up being for all the middleweight belts. That being said, from a GGG fan's perspective I wouldn’t hold much hope for him in a third meeting sadly.

CR: I’ve been over the Canelo vs GGG circus since the second fight. While the first 2 were both fantastic contests, Canelo is hitting his peak while Golovkin is sliding down to retirement. There’s only one winner in that match up, and it's Canelo.

LR: Yes, I'd like to see the trilogy fight, which I think must happen, and then the Karaganda (love that word!) fighter can call it a day and be rightly considered a modern-day great.

BM: Right now, how does GGG’s legacy and career stack up?

LG: Golovkin’s a middleweight great, no doubt about it. His legacy’s already sealed, but whatever success he gains at this stage of his career is a bonus. He was far from his best against Derevyanchenko but that perhaps makes it all the more impressive; beating a younger, fresher challenger as strong as the Ukrainian.

CR: At Golovkin’s peak there was talk of him being one of the best middleweights of all time. The truth is, he isn’t in the conversation. Looking at his record his best wins are two controversial decisions over Danny Jacobs and Derevyanchenko, not exactly Hall of Fame quality fighters. Golovkin has had a good run and been well promoted but his rise to stardom came too late in his career to signify any sort of greatness.

JO: I think Golovkin is a great symbol of how boxing is about right place, right time. Most of his prime years he was the ultimate 'who needs em' club member. Even the move to the States with HBO couldn't entice 'lineal champs' to meet him. His career really does lack a stand-out win on paper (although he seemed the moral winner vs Canelo first time out) but i think it's hard to put it on GGG. For a stretch his aura and goofy catch phrases, however contrived, really were fun to watch. I feel for him that the business side of the sport locked him out until he was past his prime.