Aftermath: Fury vs Wallin

Boxing Monthly
15/09/2019 10:13am

Photos: David Becker/Getty Images

GettyImages 1174754749Tyson Fury battled past cuts and gutsy Otto Wallin to retain his lineal heavyweight title on Saturday night in Las Vegas. BM's Callum Rudge, Andrew Harrison and Michael Montero are here with their take on the fight...

BM: How did you see and score the fight?
CR: I thought Fury dominated most the fight, using his size and range to control the action at range. Wallin had his moments but went head hunting after the cut and was picked off by a more attack-minded Fury. 117-111 is about right.

AH: I thought it was 9-3 Fury. Though there were a few nothing rounds early on, Fury controlled most of them with his jab and movement. Cut aside, Fury was fairly GettyImages 1174754060comfortable.

MM: It felt like a 117-111 or 116-112 type of fight. Other than the final round, Fury completely dominated the action late.

BM: Fury’s stock - has it risen or fallen?
CR: That was a typical Fury performance to be honest. Wallin was tough, he definitely troubled Fury in the early rounds but Fury mostly controlled this fight. Fury is still an elite heavyweight. #1 or 2 in the division.

AH: I don’t think it's changed. Fury looked fitter than in any of his previous comeback fights, and was caught by a left hook or two - but he was fighting with one eye, so you can excuse him from catching a couple.

MM: Depends who you ask. If you watched the ESPN broadcast you'd be convinced Fury was already up there with Ali and Louis. For my money, Fury's stock didn't rise or fall after the Wallin bout. He's still one of the top heavyweights in the world, yet heavily flawed, inconsistent and still unproven to a degree (as is the rest of the field).

BM: Wallin - what future for him?
CR: Hopefully he can win a European Title and get some more paydays stateside. He’s not a top quality boxer but most of the Heavyweights aren’t these days. After the top 5 it’s a big drop off in quality.

AH: Wallin did great to overcome his limitations. He hung tough after taking some meaty body shots, and kept trying to win. He can be proud this morning, and should get a decent payday off the back of this performance.

MM: Wallin showed plenty of heart against Fury, but not much skill. Despite going the distance with his larger, favored opponent, Wallin is still nowhere near a top ten heavyweight. He's certainly earned more air time on a major card, wouldn't mind seeing against somebody like Kubrat Pulev in the near future.

BM: Prediction time - if Fury rematches Wilder in February what happens?
CR: Wilder by knockout. There’s a big expectation that Fury will be better and win a wide decision. I can definitely see that. But my gut feeling is Wilder takes this more seriously and finds a knockout in the late rounds.

AH: I think it’s a very similar fight to the first contest. Wilder will hit fresh air for a while but is likely to land clean at some point. Fury will strip much fitter for it second time around, though, and that could be the difference.

MM: My position has always been that Wilder will win the rematch. My sense is that Deontay was a bit shell-shocked in their first bout as he was making a quantum leap in opposition. He learned from those 12 rounds with Fury and will perform better the second time around.