Aftermath: Canelo vs Jacobs

Boxing Monthly
05/05/2019 11:29am

Photos: (Top and middle) Al Bello/Getty Images; (bottom) Ethan Miller

GettyImages 1147022818Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez beat Daniel Jacobs by unanimous decision in Saturday night's middleweight unification battle. Luca Rosi, Paul Zanon, Andrew Harrison, Chris Williamson, Callum Rudge and Lee Gormley are here with their thoughts...

BM: How did you see and score the fight?

LR: Canelo was the clear winner and the scoring reflected that. No fingerprints and no robbery this time. Jacobs did land the punch of the fight and had his moments but his bursts were all too fleeting. It did look as if the pendulum might swing in rounds eight to ten but Canelo reasserted his dominance to take the last two. The first half of the fight was pretty much a shut-out for the Mexican. Jacobs had his GettyImages 1147028861chance and frankly wasn't good enough. That really is the tale of the tape. 'We'll see a bigger and better Jacobs next time'. With respect, I don't think so.

PZ: I agreed with the judges' scorecards.

AH: It was a typical Canelo fight. I was more impressed by Jacobs, who did well in spots, blocking punches and throwing some decent combinations. Canelo, though, is so strong and good at economically edging rounds. Though I didn't keep score, the decision looked fair on balance. Jacobs needed to do a bit more.

CW: I scored the fight 115-113 to Canelo in line with two of the judges. Canelo was a joy to watch early on in particular. Having added some subtleties and excellent head movement to his game he now looks very hard to beat at and around middleweight.

CR: I had it quite wide for Canelo - 118-110. While that scorecard has a bit of Adelaide Byrd about it, I was very underwhelmed by Jacobs. I felt Canelo swept the first five rounds and even in the second half of the fight where Jacobs improved, it usually took him two minutes of the round to get going. There were some close rounds in there so I had no issue with the 116-112 score, but 115-113 was a bit too generous to Jacobs for me.

LG: We finally got a big Canelo win without any controversy. It was a much closer and competitive fight than the Sky broadcast would have had you believe. I scored it 115-113 to Canelo. A stronger start early on and Jacobs could’ve edged it but Alvarez was the rightful winner.

BM: Where does Canelo rank P4P right now?

PZ: The performance keeps him up in the top five, but doesn't catapult him into first place. Garcia vs Spence failed to impress as a crowd pleaser and despite this being better, it wasn't a classic for the ages.

AH: There are three special fighters ahead of everyone else: Vasiliy Lomachenko, Olekandr Usyk and Terence Crawford. If you're trying to list a top ten, logically, you'd have to say Canelo rates alongside Golovkin (wherever that may be).

CW: On the last BM online list from January he ranked fourth and that remains about right.

CR: I think he has a strong case for being number one. While Lomachenko and Crawford have very strong cases, they don’t have the standout names on their respective records to truly grab the throne. Those three in any order is fine by me, with Usyk in the mix too.

LG: I still think there are ‘special’ fighters ahead of him in Lomachenko, Crawford and Usyk. So Canelo is number four for me personally but if anyone has him higher I wouldn’t argue. Becoming undisputed champion would have to see him move up too.

BM: Who would you most like to see Canelo fight next - a GGG rematch? A Jacobs rematch? WBO champion Demetrius, Andrade?

PZ: I'd like to see him fight Billy Joe Saunders. I genuinely believe he has the boxing IQ and footwork to beat Canelo.

AH: A Golovkin rematch would be ideal but Golden Boy have so many options, it's tough to see why they'd go there next.

CW: While the Jacobs fight was enjoyable in patches, I don’t see a demand to see it play out again. I’d like to see a GGG rematch before the old champ ages too much. The Andrade bout is attractive both as a new puzzle for Mexican to solve and should he win would make Canelo’s current status as essentially the undisputed champ official.

CR: I would like to see Andrade come next for total unification purposes and then the GGG trilogy fight after that, although I’m a bit tired of the whole Canelo/GGG thing, there was so much controversy around the both fights as well as Canelo’s very short ban for PEDs, it made me tired of seeing them together. I want to see GGG move up and face Callum Smith, that’s a true legacy fight, which they both need.

LG: I’d love to see GGG get that final belt from Andrade first this year, then he and Canelo could have their trilogy fight for all the titles. That would be huge! But it looks like they’re going to make Golovkin wait until he’s even further past it for the third fight, meaning Andrade could be next in line.